Meditation Quote: Knowing Oneself


I like this quote, yet I’m having a hard time saying why. There’s something about it that encourages me to rely on myself more; to trust that I know who I am, even if I don’t know myself fully. Is it even possible to know oneself fully?

When I’m uncertain, there may be good cause to look to others for guidance. But there may be equal cause to sit with myself; to try and gain a clearer sense of my own being.

I like to think the quote is reminding me that my sense of self is actually there; that there is a knowing, and I can rely on it.

And to remind me that the opinions of others may, in fact, be clouded by their own not knowing.

Does this quote resonate for you? I’d love to get your take on it.


Photo source: Headspace


9 thoughts on “Meditation Quote: Knowing Oneself

    1. I’m experiencing the same benefit from meditation.

      I suspect getting older helps too :-).

      I appreciate your comment and hearing about the meditation benefits you’ve gotten. Thanks.


  1. Occasionally someone will make an observation about me that seems insightful, but later I realize they are clueless about what “makes me tick.” Even if I don’t always get me, I get me waaay better than anyone else ever could.

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  2. The most important thing is that you have to be honest with yourself. Presumably, you put on different masks when dealing with different people. They know only the side of you which you present in front of them. If they interact with you on a regular basis, they think they know you. But what they forget is that they only see you in specific instances. From a specific angle. Not many people every side to us. Hopefully, with enough introspection, YOU are able to do a 360 degrees twirl and fully see yourself.

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    1. Great observation!

      I agree about the different masks and sides that people see. I certainly interacted differently with bosses than with girlfriends.

      My introspection continues so things are improving, and there are still times I find conflicting voices and desires arise in different situations. The best self-awareness I’m acquiring is accepting that differing opinions are actually ok.

      Thanks for your comment :-).

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