The Sunshine Blogger Award

sunshine-blogger-award-3The Sunshine Blogger Award is “given by bloggers to fellow bloggers who inspire positivity and creativity in the blogging community.” I’d love to say that came from the official Sunshine Blogger home page but, if there is one, I can’t find it. This was on this 2018 blog post and since I liked it, I pilfered it.

To have One Day at a Time nominate me for this in April and tell their followers about Walk the Goats is a nice recognition of my blog. And it gives me welcomed encouragement. Thanks, Floating Gold, and sorry I took so long to participate!

Go check out their blog where newsworthy topics are tackled with passion and perspective. Creative writing explorations are done. And our fearless blogger takes on various projects to challenge themselves.

One Day at a Time also has one of the few blogs I’ve reblogged; it was How To Discover New Blogs, which I found incredibly helpful as a new blogger and, now, three months in, it’s still useful, even if Prompts, First Friday and Community Pool are leaving the WordPress umbrella at the end of May.

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To the Daily Post Community: Thank You!

The WordPress post about the demise of The Daily Post, including the end of Community Pool First Friday’s, Daily Prompt. See previous post about community efforts to retain this elsewhere.

The Daily Post

Almost seven and a half years ago The Daily Post opened its virtual doors to the blogging community. It’s been an incredible ride, and incredible rides, too, sometimes come to an end. As of the end of this month (and 2,000 Daily Prompts, 380 Photo Challenges, 260 Community Pools, and 100 First Fridays later), we will no longer publish new posts, prompts, or challenges on this site.

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The Mystery Blogger Award

MysteryBlogger-AwardThe Mystery Blogger Award is “an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and they do it with so much love and passion.” – Okoto Enigma

To have Confessions of an Irish Procrastinator recognize me for this with her April 29th Award nomination, is a gratifyingly, warm acknowledgement. Thanks, and my bad for taking so long to engage, especially since you’ve decided to take a hiatus from your blog. I do hope you come back, because your musings on life and your colorful visuals always caught my attention, entertained and provoked thought.  Glad your writings remain on your site.

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Liebster Award Round #2

Liebster-Award-4The Liebster Award, with its tag line, “Discover New Blogs!” feels like one blogger telling another blogger about cool places to visit.

To have A Creative PTSD Gal send other bloggers my way with her April 29th Liebster Award nomination is a gratifyingly, warm greeting. Thanks, Jo, and mea culpa for my taking so long to engage!

Go check out her blog; it’s filled with sketches, doodles, washes, 6-word stories, longer pieces, challenges, a soon-to-end contest, pictures, and, well, just an incredibly wonderful collection of wit, wisdom and wonder.

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Award Nominations: I’m Finally Responding!


I received several award nods at the end of April from fellow bloggers I enjoy reading. Definitely wit and wisdom in all three of these blogs so check them out.  I’m learning all sorts of fun, worldwide slang from some very colorful folks!

May turned into a busy month so I’ve been a tad slow responding. The 3-day Memorial Day weekend (for those of us stateside) is the perfect time to do this: one award a day.  This post is to kick my butt and get my promise to deliver on the table. After I launch this, I start my response to The Liebster Award.

Here are the three awards I was nominated for.  Thank you, my fellow writers.  I get to frolic with your questions each day and tag other bloggers along the way. Here’s to a great weekend of mindful, playful, thoughtful engagement!

#1: LIEBSTER AWARD – 2nd Nomination!




Entry: The Dog House

My submission to a 150-word microfiction contest held by The Creative PTSD Gal. This was my first time trying this and…it was fun!

A Creative PTSD Gal

If I ever need to view things from a different perspective and need a little inspiration for doing so, Walk the Goats is where I land. Reading through the author’s viewpoints on situations and working towards goals is mesmerizing. Tell her to break a leg, wait for her to enter stage left and become a member of her audience. If you would like to participate in the contest or share, check out May 10th’s post. A different perspective was promptly delivered from her 150-word story. Good thing my dogs don’t chase cats.

The Dog House

He was ruined. Bewitched by that wicked cat who had warned him that if he didn’t stop harassing her, she would use her cat-craft to put a spell on him.

But he hadn’t listened.

She was good on her threat. He had finally chased her one too many times. Instead of running, she spun around and with…

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Crazy Lady and Swallow NIMBYism

147685 on Pixabay. CC0 Creative CommonsThe swallows have returned to the neighborhood. We watch them through our large, plate glass windows as they scope out the houses for the perfect spots to build their nests. They like the eaves of our house: high up; well-protected.

I love swallows.

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On-Line Character Naming Tool

Writing Resources2-Blog

Baby Names from the Social Security Administration

While you might not think of the Social Security Administration (SSA) as a writing resource, think different. If your story is grounded in the U.S. or U.S. territories, it’s a great site to help find baby names.  Which means it can help you choose names for characters. Or help you find out if a name you’ve already chosen was popular or not during the era in which your story takes place.

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Dracula Flame

60_DraculaTeeth_5-19-18I watch a tea candle; a small, contained flame. The black wick arises from the quickly-melted wax, takes a right turn, then runs parallel to the candle’s surface. The flame reflects in the liquid below, reminding me of moonlight on a still lake.

The wick makes me think of death even while it’s a conduit for life, delivering the melted wax.

I’m surprised how triangular the flame is: one side along the wick, the other two sides pointing straight up to a peak of bright orange, only possible because the air in my room is still.  It reminds me of a tooth, the way they’re depicted at a dentist’s office in a cross-sectional view. Or a gaseous version of Dracula’s orange, candy-corn teeth; another death image.

Fascinating that the candle evokes a flickering back and forth between life and death for me.

The fluidity and movement of the flame suggests a fairy-like freedom, despite the fact that the flame won’t survive unless it stays tethered to the wick, and the wick only works while there is wax to burn. So much for freedom for the flame.


Beginning Writer’s Workshop: Detail and Description, Lesson #2

Photo source: pixel2013 on Pixabay 


Online Beginning Writer’s Workshop

59_InfectiousWorkshop_5-17-18I want to write, but without a deadline or structure, my practice gets wiffly.  My journal gets used when life gets sucky. Good news is, life has been agreeable lately. Bad news is, I haven’t written as much. So, to encourage myself, I started this blog two months ago with a goal to post every day. It put a structure in front of me that helped me stay on the writing rails.

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Personas & Voices: Wit and Whimsy


I love turning up lines or passages from other writers that capture the idea of different conversations taking place in their heads, conversations that reflect different facets of who they are.  J Blaide does that for me in her “Caffeine Crutch” post, excerpted below.


BLOG: Wit and Whimsy ~ “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein

Post:  “My Caffeine Crutch”

“…being groggy MAKES ME HUNGRY! This combo turns off my logical thinking switch and seductively whispersoh how delicious that Dew will taste! Go on, just one won’t hurt. Just one soda today and then back to water like we promised each other. It’ll be so satisfying!” (For the record, in my head this dialogue is voiced by Him from Power Puff Girls).”


Bubba and the Broken Bottle

58_BrokenBottle1Bubba did the water-run today, bringing our three-gallon bottles and two-gallon water dispenser to the store to refill. Our tap water, while drinkable, leaves me feeling as if I’m coating my innards with scale.

Back from the store, Bubba carried the dispenser and one of the three-gallon bottles into the house. He left his truck parked curbside. The last bottle, filled, sat on the passenger-side floor, the truck door open.  Bubba had thought about closing the door as he made his first trip to the house, but he figured no one would steal the water bottle and, besides, he would be back in a flash.

Stepping back outside onto the front stoop, Bubba looked toward the truck and saw, in disbelief, that the water bottle was tipping over the door edge and out the truck. Too far away to save it, it crashed to the curb, shattering the bottle.

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The Long Red Reach of Costco

57_CostcoLabelI was attending a memorial service at a fancy San Francisco golf club. I had a few lingering friendships I’d held lightly onto from decades earlier when I’d lived in the city; those friendships that merit an annual birthday email and the once-every-few-years lunch. My friend’s wife had died in October and he was holding the memorial near the December holidays.

I had driven down to the city from my home an hour away in the wine country; a rural lifestyle that offered a mellow contrast to the more stylish and urbanized energy of the city.  With the short, dark, cold of the December evening, I had dressed warmly: slacks, top and a long black cardigan. Flat, non-designer shoes. On the practical side of the design-scale. My normal.

The cars in the parking lot were well-appointed, recognizable breeds: Mercedes-Benz; BMW; Lexus. My Altima felt overshadowed. As I walked into the clubhouse I was amidst a number of other folks heading to the memorial.

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Cloud-Like Comfort

56_Cloud Comfort1I was doing dishes, half-listening to an advertisement about mattresses, going along with their cloud-like comfort sales-pitch, mindlessly thinking clouds, yeah, big, white, billowy, comfy clouds. Images of fluffiness and cushiony-delight. Great for sleep. Great mattress.  Sure.  I’m sold.

And then…

My “what-the-‘eff” light-bulb clicked on.

Really? A cloud for a mattress?

If you attempted to actually sleep on a cloud—to plant your generous-ass on a bed of clouds—and it miraculously held you up, you’d be sleeping on one of the lumpiest things around.

But since clouds are nothing but water vapor, you’d more realistically end up smashed on the ground. Because that damn cloud, while it might look all thick and puffy, has got no support.

Cloud-like comfort. Really.

How quickly I can fall into a gullible fog, inattentive to what’s actually going on around me.

But, truth-be-told, I suspect that inattentiveness is more the norm than the exception.


Ugly Dog

55_UglyDog_5-5-18When my 10-year-old daughter started to make her plea for a dog, I knew I was in for a stubborn brawl.   Like an attorney arguing her case, she pitched her arguments:  she’d be safer at home after school; she’d learn responsibility; she’d get exercise walking it.

After wearing down my resistance with her compelling courtroom convictions, I agreed; within certain parameters.

I had grown up with german shepherds; big, beautiful beasts with long snouts, long fur, and long tails. Their reputation aligned well with the “safety” argument, but their long fur meant lots of shedding, which I didn’t want to deal with. They’re also bigger than I wanted, so they got crossed off the list.

After doing some research, I landed on a dog I wasn’t familiar with: the boxer.

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Traveling to a New Place Without Leaving Home

54_Staycation_5-4-18Imagine you’ve lived in the same place for 20-years. It’s a familiar place; easy to take for granted. With time, your appreciation of its uniqueness fades a bit. Habits and familiarity lead you to stick with places you know, and places you don’t know remain unknown.

But your town starts to bore you; you want to spice things up. “I’ll go someplace else. Someplace new!” you decide. Someplace different from home. You know that by doing that you’ll get new perspectives; see new things; meet new people.

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Personas & Voices: Creative PTSD Gal


I love turning up lines or passages from other writers that reflect the idea of “voices” in our head, those characters who push back on us, find us wrong, plug the negative, and basically get in the way of us finding peace; peace with ourselves.


BLOG: A Creative PTSD Gal ~ “A Place Where I can be Creative and Understand Me”

Post:  “Another Challenge…Punishment?””

“I have a lot to learn. I could be better but that’s why I’m not listening to the permanent negative voice in my head. Not this time.”


Fun Q&A Grammar Blog

Writing Resources2-BlogI love finding writing and publishing resources that are new to me. Rather than just bookmark them, I decided to add them to my blog. It’ll help me and, just maybe, prove useful to others.

I plan to do individual posts on stuff as I find it.  If, over time, I end up with a bunch of great resources, I’ll consolidate them into a single page or post. If you have any “go to” resources you want to share, feel free to note them in the Comments. I know there’s a lot of great stuff out there to discover. So any signposts others can show me are welcome. Continue reading “Fun Q&A Grammar Blog”