Quotes can inspire.

Bubba-quotes can entertain or…just leave me scratching my head.

Time to serve up a few. They’re perfect tidbits…when I got nothin’.

“It wasn’t the least I could do, but it was close.”

“I haven’t tried, but not for lack of effort.”

“I’m a man of few words, and fewer actions.”



Creative License Two


Creative license for today’s Daily Word Prompt:

He took a mulligan in order to achieve par-5 on the 8th hole. Or as his wife said, that shot was a par take.


Daily Post-Inspired: Partake


50 Posts!

Z_50 Posts-

When I started this blog on March 2nd, I wasn’t sure what I’d write about. Or how often I’d write. I knew I wanted structure and I hoped setting up a blog would give me that. When I decided to do it, it was a pretty spontaneous idea.

I had done a blog a year ago–Pursuing Podcasts–for a class. My engagement faded when the class ended. But the class got me started and I learned rudimentary blogging skills. I had used the Lovecraft theme on the free WordPress platform for the class. Since I was familiar—although rusty—with it, I stuck with that rather than pick a new one. One less hurdle to slow me down.

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On Hold and A Handbasket to H*ll

39_Hold_Handbasket_4-20-18I call my insurance company and a robotic voice answers, telling me to press 1 for English. The voice returns and tells me to enter my account number.  I punch 9 digits. Brief silence and then robotic voice tells me to press 2 for sales; 3 for billing; 4 for…I press 3, listen to a few rings, and get another robot, who again wants my account number. I re-enter the same 9 digits. Another brief silence and then I’m advised that the “next available representative will take my call” and “this call may be recorded for training purposes.”

Some sites give me an idea how long I can expect to wait. Most sites have some looped-music that plays to keep me distracted, although some leave me sitting in silence.

This happens with almost every vendor I call.

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The Spinster & The Girl on a Horse

38_Spinster-Horse_4-19-18Miss O’Connor lived in a small, blue, clapboard house, around the corner from the library. It was a short walk: out the front door, down one step to the sidewalk, past a neatly trimmed lawn edged by two rows of pansies, then 52 steps to the library entrance.  It was a walk Miss O’Connor made every week of the year, except the third week of November.

She read one book a week.  The week of January 1st was always a book from the self-help section, read in an effort to quiet her inner qualms.  It was the perfect time to lead with hope and potential. In 1984 it had been The Road Less Traveled.  In 1993, Healing the Shame that Binds You.

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A Jedi Mind-Trick

37_jedi-trick.jpgBubba and I had a party to go to across town. It was the wet of winter; rains and winds swirled outside and the sun had long set on the horizon. The idea of driving that night was unappealing; 30 minutes to get there in the dark on wet and very windy roads that risked flooding, plus the drive back after monitoring our drinking. It was a holiday party, requiring us to get dressed up in fancy attire.

As we mulled over the upcoming event the day was closing in on, we could feel resistance to the idea of going. The couch, with its warm and fluffy blanket, beckoned. Several unwatched movies lay on the table. We had hot chocolate and crème de menthe to warm up the evening.

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Why and How I Play Mind Tricks

36_Trick Trash_4-15-18My mom, a child of the depression and WWII, is the queen of re-purposing things and making stuff last.  “Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do, or Do Without” was a command she took to heart, proudly demonstrating it to us kids as we grew up.

She made my apron out of re-purposed, retired curtains. My potholders are from sewing project remnants; the interior heat-resistance an old blanket that had seen better days.

Socks with holes? Mom darns them.  Jars and food containers others might throw out? Mom finds new uses for them.

Very few things are ever “single use” in her household.

When she needed a dress for a fancy party—at a time when the budget was slim and had to be creatively stretched—she pulled together some fabric, designed a dress to Continue reading “Why and How I Play Mind Tricks”

Whiny Words

35_Song_4-15-18A song came on Pandora, a recent country hit. Two verses played before she stomped across the room and hit the “thumbs down” button.  Her ex-boyfriend had previously “liked” it.

“Stupid song,” she whined to her roommate. “Too damn bad we can’t “unlike” some of our stupid, whiny friends this way.”

Her roommate looked away and silently agreed.

Daily Post-Inspired: Song


Writing that Hooks: Inaugural Gems

Amazing Phrases-2Poking around the blogosphere, I come across writing that grabs me with its creativity, its power, its meaning. I discover sentences I want to read to others; that I think about long after I’m done reading the piece. I don’t want to forget these gems, so I decided to catch and share them on my blog as I find them. While each of the posts included here is worth reading in their entirety, the phrases in bold hit me with a particular fierceness. And broadened my worldview.

BLOG: Wish I Were Here: Journeys Through Place and Time

From The Undiscovered Territory post, April 1, 2018, J.D. Riso, a wonderful blogger, talks about returning to Michigan after traveling abroad for 19 years.  There’s a quiet brilliance in her observations and a commentary on cultural things many of us accept without question.

“Not only was I physically away from this culture for so long, but there was also a deliberate media/pop culture blackout. I have only vague ideas of what I’m supposed to be enraged about and no idea who I’m expected to emulate. A young man who struck up a conversation with me before my flight from Paris found it hilarious that I didn’t know that there are new late night talk show hosts. I smiled. It is not ignorance, but strategic apathy. Ignorance is being unaware. I’m conscious of the poison that I refuse to consume.”

BLOG: Out of Hiding: My Journey Through Depression and Alcoholism

From the Mother of an Addict post, April 10, 2018,  writing about the challenges of having an adult son whose experimentation with drugs led him to heroin addiction, jail, and rehab, and her struggles as she helplessly tries to help him find his way out of it.  I caught my breath on the last line; it’s one of those thoughts that shows how quickly we can pivot in our understanding of things when the world forces a shift on us.

“He came to us at the age of 20 and told us he was scared and he needed help.  My world stopped.  Heroin happened to the bad kids.  To the bad families.  That was what I always thought.  I didn’t realize heroin happened and then you became the bad family.


A Tendency to Blame

34_Blame_4-11-18The call comes from my veterinarian at 4, saying my cat’s 5:30 appointment has to be changed. The vet needs to leave and there is no one who can fill her spot. Will Friday at 5:30 work?

There is nothing on my calendar Friday at 5:30. But that doesn’t matter. The Judge does not like that I’m being asked to rearrange my schedule; something “could” come up.  Someone is at fault that my appointment must be changed, and since I properly booked the appointment, the fault must lie outside of me.

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Mixed Minds on My Facebook Break

33_FB_Break_4-9-18Maybe it was my upcoming birthday, or the arrival of fall, or simply an icky sense that I spent too much time on Facebook and the quality of my life was affected.  I don’t know. I do know that, with a spontaneity that surprised me, I decided to take a Sabbatical from Facebook; an extended break.

Once I decided I wanted to do it, I wasn’t entirely sure how to do it.

I’ve been active enough on Facebook that friends consider it a way of reaching me and sharing things. I get messages from friends, invites to events, and news.

I thought, what happens if I just don’t show up? If I stop reading my news feed? Stop “liking” friends’ posts? Stop posting things and sharing things? Simply, quietly, disappear?

On one hand, I worried no one would notice.

On the other hand, I worried people would expect a response from me when they sent me something and they’d be met with…silence.

So, I decided to announce my Facebook break on Facebook itself.

I decided the best way to do it was to change my cover photo. I quickly designed a new banner:

“I’m taking an extended break from Facebook*

*If you want to reach me, call or email”

I uploaded the new banner to FB. My announcement was officially made to the world on Thursday, September 28, 2017, at 1:45 pm.

I logged off, all the while feeling itchy-fingered to log back on, anticipating a rush of comments from people as my news filled their feeds.

“No, really? You’re leaving FB? Why? How?”

I deleted FB from my tablet. I logged off the app on my phone. I wanted to make accessing FB a bit harder. But I didn’t cancel or delete my account, so the siren-song of FB notifications remained. I knew the candy was still in the house; it just required a few more steps to get to it.

I wanted to log on.

But having just announced to the world I was taking a break, what incentive did anyone have to comment about my departure? I certainly wasn’t going to be around to read it and “like” it, right? Hadn’t I just informed everyone of that?

It turned out that, except for one “like” and one “heart” on my post; a private message from a friend; and one comment from Bubba, my decision to take a break went largely, quietly, unnoticed.

The feeling inside? A weird combination of distress/disappointment and…relief.

Distress that disappearing didn’t result in anyone sending out a search party to look for me.

Relief, in knowing that the consequences of disconnecting were, in fact, pretty non-existent.  Nothing blew up. I didn’t miss anything important. And without the temptation to share and read and post on Facebook, I actually freed up some quality time.

Daily Post Prompt: Rush


Magical Odometer Moment


Research indicates that happiness and/or validation does NOT come from a single event.  Lottery winning, Oscar-winning, Rock Star moments all produce momentary “highs,” but do not move the happiness scale.  Nevertheless I—and others too?—have a penchant for wanting some singular event to establish one’s meaning, place in life, worthiness of love, all leading to a place of irrevocable happiness.

I flashed to a memory from about age 6.  We were in the car and my dad pointed to the odometer; it was very close to turning to all the same digits.  I think it was going to be 111111.1.  I remember the feeling of excitement; that I was going to be at a special place and time and I wanted to focus my attention on it, look at it as it happened, burn it in.

Then I got distracted by something, took my eye off the odometer, and by the time my attention returned, it was past. Something like 111111.3.  I felt oddly crushed, as though I had missed some great opportunity, some important juncture.  I remember trying to figure out how long it would take for all the numbers to line up again, despairing that I would ever have that opportunity again.

I have not yet caught one of those singular odometer moments and did not even note the relevance of 11.11.11 until after the fact; even then, I felt only the tiniest bit of regret that I did not set aside a small portion of that day to revel in its numerological significance.

~ A Bubba Guest Post

Photo source: Pixabay


He Said / She Said

31_LightSwitch2_4-6-18I poured myself out of bed this morning and trundled to the living room; Bubba, sitting on the couch with his coffee, was reading the news.

Still groggy, I scuffled around the couch to the front door and flipped off the outside light.  After pouring coffee in the kitchen, I settled in opposite Bubba.

“Did you just turn the outside light on?” he asked.

“Huh? No. I turned it off.”

“But it’s on,” he said.

I leaned forward so I could see.  Dang. The switch was in the up position; on for sure.

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Personas & Voices: Of Other Bloggers


I love when I read other blogs and see language that captures the various ways we talk about ourselves, often using words that indicate different personas or characters. Here are three separate excerpts from three different bloggers that do just that.



BLOG: Confessions of an Irish Procrastinator  ~ “The musings of an Irish hopeful”

Post:  “Old Friends”

“Late last night, me and the Voice who lives in my head were just settling down for the night and who should rap the door but my good old pal Insomnia?!”

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Multiple Personalities. Who. Me?

30_SybilThe first friend I described my “character” concept to looked at me side-eyed and referenced the book Sybil.

After starting this blog—where I share tales of thoughts conflicting in my mind, or appearing without any conscious intent on my part—someone asked me if I might…possibly?…have Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Multiple personalities? Who. Me?

I mentioned this to another friend, whose immediate response was, “don’t we all?”

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Accepting Self

29_Love+AcceptThere are people I like being with because I feel from them a sense of consistent acceptance and love.

I want to spend time with them because of that feeling.

“How do I get more of that,” I thought. “That’s sublime energy.”

Then the light bulb went off.

“Wow. If I could accept and love myself the way they accept and love me, I could be around that feeling all the time.”

I wouldn’t have to look for it from others.

And maybe—another light bulb—that sublime energy would emanate out like ripples, from me, to bathe others.

Oooh. That’s a worthy meditation.


My New Apology

I posted my Habit of Apologizing blog post to Facebook.

A friend suggested I say “f*ck” instead of “sorry,” to help me break my habit of non-apology apologies.

“Why not,” I thought.

I’m trying to practice using this replacement word.

Leaving an Easter brunch today with Bubba, I realized I had forgotten our casserole dishes inside when leaving. It was just Bubba and me at the car. He spun around to go back and get them.

“Sorry,” I blurted out.

“F*ck,” I quickly said.

Followed instantaneously by…


I laughed. This could take a while.

Blogging Awards ~ Two Minds ~ Updated

27_Blogging AwardsWhen I started blogging a month ago, I saw other bloggers announce blogging awards they’d been nominated for. “Awards!” I thought. Golden rings I hoped to win.

The awards provide recognition and potential exposure for bloggers, and typically involve various Q&A’s along with a requirement to pass-it-forward by nominating others. Often a generous list of “others.”

“Cool,” I thought. “I can do that.” I was getting myself ready for the day my brilliance was recognized and the nominations poured in.

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Personas & Voices: The Average Aspirant

Header-HomeThis post is from The Average Aspirant, by a blogger who chose blogging to express, motivate and inspire herself and others. Or, as her tagline reads, it’s a blog about the “average life of an average person with aspirational goals.”

In this post she shares her thoughts about Blogging Awards such as the versatile blogger, mystery blogger and sunshine blogger awards.

There was one short sentence that illustrated, to me, how we often use language to recognize different thoughts or personas that we may not want or like.  Our language often creates distance from a thought, or reflects an awareness that we really can be of two minds about something.

“I wish I didn’t think like this, but I can’t help it.” ~The Average Aspirant