A Different Puzzle

Walk the goats

I had 1,000 pieces to choose from.

I would put my puzzle together. I would include straight border edges.

If I couldn’t do it following instructions, I could do it my way. It didn’t matter if all 1,000 pieces were there. I was only going to use thirty-one of them. I’d make them fit.

Sometimes you have to bend rules; think outside the box; stretch boundaries; break clichés.

Sometimes you have to own the puzzle.

I owned it.


Photo source: Walk the Goats


11 thoughts on “A Different Puzzle

  1. Bobbi Taylor

    Uh…o k a y….Hmmmm….not sure I get this one. Good for you for owning it…but why 31? What do you see in what you created? Is this one supposed to open up dialogue?


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    1. Great questions!

      I tend to be a “rule” follower. A 1,000 piece puzzle can only be done if 1) all 1,000 pieces are there, and 2) I put them all together.

      The 1,000-piece puzzle I had appeared to be missing pieces (that was a previous post). I was going to toss the puzzle; then I reconsidered, and decided I could put pieces together in whatever way I wanted, “rules” be…you know…damned.

      It wasn’t about what I produced but more about the process of doing it. The idea of doing it “the wrong way.” And finding that to be just fine.

      Does that make sense?


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