Dopamine-Induced Raw Begging

I’m responding to likes and kudos, comments and accolades. Like Pavlov’s dog, I’m salivating over feedback; getting hooked by WordPress’s announcement that I’ve surpassed my previous record of likes. New record: 27! It may be a puny record, but it’s my record. So…whoot!69_PavlovBegging_6-1-18Pavlov. Dogs. I’ve been writing about dogs. Ugly dogs. Fee for petting dogs. Dog House fiction.

Is this all an accident? Coincidence? I think not.

This is the way of life; of dopamine delivery systems.  They know what we want. The social-media technology tick bit, with its supercharged feedback-loop, so I’m embracing this character who embraces this dopamine itch.

I want more likes! More dopamine delivered! In with full gusto!

This is where you get to shine. Read my posts. Like them. Comment on them. Push me over into an amazing new record that sits there like a beacon on a hill, giving me something to aim for as I continue down this blogging path.

Yes, this is raw begging of my 104 followers. And of any lurkers and others who landed here by accident, thinking they’d read about goats. If you need the goat-itch scratched, read this.

Deliver me from despair. Make my Friday and my June 1st memorable. I crave the stars and bottle-rockets that WordPress delivers. Help me win the golden ring. If not simply to be kind to me, then to scratch the charitable character in you who takes pity on the downtrodden.

Let’s see what type of power is out there. Ready. Set.




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