What’s the Fee to Pet Your Dog?

NatWhitePhotography on Pixabay

If you have kids it’s likely, at some point along the way, they’ll deliver a wisdom-pearl that will bring you up short.  It’ll be delivered with a knowing confidence that silences the moment.

My daughter, at age 8, brought fresh perspective to a dry topic: taxes and park entrance fees. I know, exactly! Something every parent and 8-year-old talk about. But I work in the financial sector, so I had actually been trying to explain to her the idea of taxes and how they’re used. One of those uses, I explained, was to ensure we have parks for public use.

It was only when we were going to a local regional park that I realized she had actually been paying attention.  The park had a day-use fee, which I paid. As we parked, she looked at me and asked why I had to pay to enter the park when our tax dollars pay for it.

I fumbled my answer, at which point she argued the arrangement was “like buying a dog and then having to pay every time you want to pet it.”

Out of the mouths of babes.


Photo source: NatWhitePhotography on Pixabay



5 thoughts on “What’s the Fee to Pet Your Dog?

  1. I agree children can be uncommonly perceptive. I can recall reading my daughter’s school book on a parents night and begin struck by her phrase “I love summer and the smell of new mown grass from other peoples’ lawns”.

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