A Habit of Apologizing

21_Sorry-croppedI have a character that apologizes. Unconsciously. Quite frequently. Especially at home with Bubba, and often when no apology is needed.

At least, I think she apologizes. She says “sorry” a lot.

“Sorry, I drank the last of the wine.”

“Sorry,” as Bubba and I dodge each other around the kitchen island.

“Sorry, I’m going to be late.”

When I look at what sorry means—a feeling of regret or sorrow—I don’t really think my character is experiencing those feelings when she says “sorry.”

It’s closer to a feeling of unconscious penitence, some hidden feeling of fault or “sin” for which forgiveness is sought. From the nearest person. Absentmindedly.

Do I really believe that drinking the last of the wine, or dodging each other in the kitchen, or being late is a sin?  In need of forgiveness? 

Maybe it’s just a habit I picked up somewhere and am only now noticing it?

I really don’t know where it came from, or why I do it.  Sorry.