WordPress Design and Content Tweak Suggestions

Pixabay: pixelcreatures Free for commercial use; no attribution required

Cheri Lucas Rowlands, with WordPress, recently published two posts to help us improve our blogs.  In case you missed them, here are five design and content tweaks she recommended. The posts themselves serve up narrative and visual guidance to implement each change, so if one of them catches your eye, click through and tweak away!

Five Design Tweaks for a Fresh Start in 2019

  1. Set the tone with a new header
  2. Clean out the cobwebs and remove your background
  3. Get stylish with a fresh font
  4. Build your site’s visual identity with a custom logo
  5. Use your photography game with high-quality images

Five Content Tweaks for a Fresh Start in 2019

  1. Update your site title and tagline
  2. Reorder and reword your menu tabs
  3. Clean up your categories
  4. Revisit your sidebar and footer
  5. Audit all of your pages

There’s lots more WordPress blogging guidance and reading suggestions on WordPress.com-Blog and WordPress-Discover. If you aren’t following them, sign up to get plugged into more resources!


Photo source: pixelcreatures on Pixabay