To My Blog Followers Using WordPress Reader: Yes or No

Pixabay: geralt. Free for commercial use. No attribution required.

Hi followers of Walk the Goats, especially those who find my new posts through WordPress Reader. Thanks for following me and…I need your help.

I posted a new post this morning (1/17/19) at 9 am Eastern Time entitled I Have 340 Separate Account Log-Ons.

My question to you is: did that post come through your WordPress Reader?

  • YES=Yes, it was there! Wahooo!
  • NO=Nope. It didn’t show up.

I’m asking because I follow myself and it didn’t come through mine. Not on my phone; not on my iPad; not on my browser.

Fandango, on his blog This, That and, and The Otherhas posted recently that he’s had lots of problems with blogs he’s following not coming through his Reader.  Right after reading today’s post from him about this, my post vaporized in Reader.

I’m a small blog with a small list of followers. Not appearing in Reader impacts the engagement I have, which is already…small.

I’m trying to do some data-gathering and would love it if you would post in the comments if you saw my above-referenced blog in your WordPress Reader. And if you’ve had any issues with Reader, feel free to note that, too. I’ve already reached out to WordPress about my missing post, but if I have more problems to tell them about, I’ll pass that on.

Thanks for your help. And for reading!  After this has been up for a while, I’ll tally the results.

And keep my fingers crossed that THIS post appears in Reader.


Photo source: geralt on Pixabay