5 thoughts on “Is Early Good?

    1. So you can’t see the image that I posted to my blog? It was a visual with a quote; that was it. I did post the same image on FB (not as a link to my blog) so hopefully you can see it there. Good (and bad) to know. Thanks for telling me.

      The “ad-supported” doesn’t flow to me directly as I’m using a free version of WordPress which gives them the ability to run ads on my site. They get the revenue.


    2. This post is just an image/quote with the question about whether or not being early is good. There wasn’t any additional content. So if you saw the image, you saw the entire post.

      I’m experimenting! Wheeeee!!!


  1. Bobbi Taylor

    Cindy, Really enjoyed our chat last night. Made it to the Jersey shore safe and sound this afternoon. Just got back from climbing the Barnegat Lighthouse.

    Like one of your other readers, I thought I wasn’t able to access your story regarding early birds. Then, I realized it wasn’t a story, but just the one-liner.

    Vince Lombardi of Packer fame had a saying, “If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late. And if you’re late, you’re fired.” Our son Ryan, the former Packer, has ALWAYS been early for everything! But, that may well change now that he’s married to a fashion model and has a toddler!

    Take care. Greetings to Robert! (Why do you call him ‘Bubba?”) Bobbi



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    1. So did I. It was nice to deepen our friendship.

      Glad to hear you arrived safely. May the rest of your trip go smoothly.

      Smart comment re: my early birds post. You’re right; usually I have an image followed by a story. I’m still experimenting with my blog, including format, length, quotes, etc. It’s good to know when there are glitches! You helped solve that mystery (I hope!).

      I call him Bubba for a degree of anonymity. When I started out, it made sense. We’ll see what happens over time.


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