Mental Exercises Then, Phone Numbers. Now, Passwords.

Pixabay: AbsolutVision. Free for commercial use; no attribution required.I used to remember phone numbers. Lots and lots of phone numbers.

Now I don’t, except for my dad’s, because he has a land line with the same number that existed before cell phones. The rest of the numbers I call are remembered for me by my phone. It feels weird to realize I couldn’t call Bubba or my daughter without my phone.

Now I remember passwords. Lots and lots of passwords.

Despite all the ways technology is disrupting things, I’m still getting my mental exercise.


Photo source: AbsolutVision on Pixabay


2 thoughts on “Mental Exercises Then, Phone Numbers. Now, Passwords.

  1. Bobbi Taylor

    Passwords ARE a challenge. I have a system an IT guy shared with me once. It is simple and it works almost every time without having to remember them and each password is unique and hard to discover by anyone else. Be happy to share privately sometime if you’re interested. It makes life simpler…but then I have to find other things to stimulate my aging brain like editing The Hague Chronicle, doing crossword puzzles, relearning French, and doing Lumosity…; ) Hugs! Bobbi


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    1. Sounds as if you have PLENTY of mental exercises you’re doing.

      Thanks for offering your tips and tricks around passwords. I’m always open to learning new tricks. Next time we get together, I’ll try and remember to ask you!!

      And, merci! 🙂


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