If I Hadn’t Moved It, It Wouldn’t Be Lost

Pixabay: JanBaby. Free for commercial use. No attribution required.I have odd things stashed in places that aren’t logical, but I know where they are.

Then, one day, during a re-organizational frenzy, I move one of these things to a logical spot.

And promptly lose it.

Anyone else do this?


Photo source: JanBaby on Pixabay

19 thoughts on “If I Hadn’t Moved It, It Wouldn’t Be Lost

  1. Yup it happens.
    It takes me back to my childhood days, when I would be told to clean my room, but I liked my room in a constant creative mess. It fueled me. I knew where everything was and cleaning was a waste of time. After a while my mother/ grandmother would break and clean. Then i would come back from school and ask them where everything was. I could not find a single thing.
    I’m a bit more organized nowadays.
    I like it when I put something away to keep secret. The place becomes so secret that even I can’t find it.

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