Our Home Security Checklist

Pixabay: PhotoMIX-Company. Free for commercial use; no attribution required

Bubba and I will be several blocks from home when one of us turns to the other and asks, “did you lock the door?”

The question triggers doubt. The doubt clings.  When that question gets asked, we’ve learned to turn around, go home and check. Then we can go forward, unencumbered by worry.

Locking the door is an automatic habit. We do it absently. Most of the time. Except for those times we forget.

Because we occasionally do forget, our question—did you lock the door—compels us to return home.

With all our mindfulness exercises, we kept thinking there must be some way to help us remember if we locked the door.

There is.

It’s a professionally-approved system, elegant in its simplicity.

As I insert my key in the lock—we live in a dumb house and are damn proud of it—I say, out loud as I turn the key, “I locked the door.”

Sometimes I say it twice, always out loud.

If Bubba is there, he says it back, “you locked the door.”

It’s very low-tech. No app required. Short. Concise. Engages the brain in actively noting the task as it’s being done.

To help me not view it as a sign I’m getting older, I imagine it’s like a pilot going through their pre-flight checklist. I don’t care how many hours they’ve flown, I want them verbally saying each item on the list as they do it.

If it’s good enough for them flying a plane, it’s good enough for our home security system.


Photo source: PhotoMIX-Company on Pixabay


11 thoughts on “Our Home Security Checklist

  1. The other morning I loaded my car with things for my classroom. It took several trips and I was running late. After stuffing a large bin into the car, I jumped inside and took off for Petaluma. /imagine my surprise, when I got home, to find I had not only forgotten to lock the door, it wasn’t even closed. Luckily my door isn’t visible from the street, and I live in a pretty safe neighborhood. Nevertheless, I raced into my house to make sure my computer and my TV were still intact. They were. Clearly, I need to put a mental reminder in place!

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    1. It’s so comforting to know we’re not alone in our missteps. I did something like you did years ago: came home and found the door unlocked and open. How the eff I walked off that way was a mystery, until I realized I’d made my last run between the house and the car through a different door. Which I did lock. The front one though? Completely forgotten.

      Thanks for sharing your story!


    1. Thank goodness I rarely iron anymore!

      As soon as those worry worms get into my head, it’s hard to relax at my destination. That’s why we concluded turning around to check was worth the time! Peace of mind!


  2. Whatever works.
    I try to do a walk through the apartment (surely smaller than your house, but still) to make sure everything is off. And then when it comes to locking the door, I try not to rush, and the more witnesses, the better.

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  3. Yeah, I just have to pay attention. The one I REALLY have to pay attention to is locking the car. By the time I arrive at my destination I am already thinking about what I am doing there, when I get out of my car I am struggling with my purse, my case, my water, my phone, sometimes my yoga mat, and my car keys. I hit that button and don’t even think about it. I end up going back a lot. I had gotten really good at paying attention but recently I realize I have gotten out of the habit of PAYING ATTENTION. I am going to start paying attention again tomorrow.

    I like your solution.

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    1. For my wiring, saying it out loud works. Draws my attention to what I’m doing. Maybe for someone else biting their tongue would do it. Ya’ never know!

      Let me know who it works for you!

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      1. Yeah, I think that is why a lot of us talk to ourselves. Saying it out loud DOES help, in a lot of situations. It brings attention to it! Plus when you say it out loud and someone else hears they can help remind you later when you say, “Oh! Did I lock the door?”

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