Nudged Toward Retirement

111_NudgedTowardNotWorking2_3-6-19Given the nature of life, sh*t happened this past year.  The same month I started blogging, mom almost died. She didn’t, not then, but 6-months later cancer got her. My blog turned out to be an unexpected blessing; a place I could try and make sense of mom’s last months. Who would’ve known when I launched WTG it would give me a place to unpack stuff, and get support from fellow bloggers?

At this time last year, I was still working, self-employed. After mom’s first hospital scare, I scaled back my hours to be available. It allowed several trips east to help navigate mom’s health issues. After her death, I called it quits, claiming sabbatical, but wondering if I’ll ever go back to seeing clients. I was ready to stop; this was an easy nudge.

Given the time I’ve spent helping dad with things—some of which mom used to handle—I’m grateful I’m not also juggling a full-time job. Between mom’s-post-death stuff, Board duties, Bubba-relationship, and blogging, my days are filled.  As some commitments fade away, I’ll see what new interests reveal themselves.  Maybe National Novel Writing Month?

Not working is intriguing.

Friends thinking about retiring fear they won’t know what to do with their days.

Friends who’ve retired say they’re always busy, although half-the-time they admit they can’t figure out what they did all day. They share a persistent wondering: “how’d I used to work full-time, raise kids, do the shopping, run errands, make meals, clean the house and occasionally have fun?”

Sabbatical is my version of not working; certainly of being busy while not getting paid. My experience throws me solidly in the how’d I used to manage all that stuff camp.

I’m getting a taste of not working; feeling a nudge toward retirement. I like it.

How about you? If you’re retired (or nearing retirement) or on sabbatical, what inner voices chirp away in your head? Are you embracing or resisting it? Scared by or excited by it?

And if you’re fully immersed in it, what fills your days?


Photo source: geralt on Pixabay


6 thoughts on “Nudged Toward Retirement

  1. Bobbi

    Absolutely embracing it!

    We’re now full time RVers seeing this beautiful country, making new friends, and doing lots of skiing, hiking, and biking.

    Our family continues to be the center of our lives. As we have been blessed with a granddaughter in Chicago and a grandson in Houston in the past seven months, we are now filling every chance we get with visits, FaceTimes, and phone calls. What a blessing!💗💗

    You nailed it. How did we ever do it all before???

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    1. Your FB posts definitely reflect your words. I get inspired when I see your smiles, the destinations you travel and the family bonds, all reflected in the pictures you post.

      And I know getting to this place had some challenges. Glad to see you thriving. 💕


  2. Do what works for you. Obviously.
    I know multiple people who have “had it” with the working life, so they retired. And then, a year later (or sooner), they decided to “come back”. They blamed it on not having anything to do. I’m having a hard time believing in all that. And those are people for whom money isn’t really an issue. Unbelievable. I would keep myself SO occupied. But I guess we are conditioned to work until we die.

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  3. I don’t work for pay or on a schedule anymore – writing is my new career. Since I write historical non-fiction, travel for research is part of the process. When not writing, I’m doing outdoor activities and visiting with friends. I’m having a grand time!

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  4. Marsha Sue

    I started consulting immediately after I retired. I really enjoyed it. In my first year of retirement I was diagnosed with cancer five months after my spouse was diagnosed with stage IV melanoma. As we amazed ourselves by still being alive, I had no stomach for work. We began traveling and I have pursued my passion for walking/hiking. I learned that nobody gets out alive. I don’t know why we are here but I certainly don’t need to add to the mess, so, I try to make a small difference on the local level. Life is sweet in the moment. ❤️

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    1. That’s some whiplash. I love seeing your FB pictures and posts about the amazing places you’ve traveled, including those in our back yard.

      We’ll get a walk/hike in when you’re back. Keep truckin’ out there pursuing your passion and making small differences in multiple ways.

      Thanks for the comment!


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