4 thoughts on “Sweet Meditation Break

  1. Yes, and no.
    Overall, I agree that our problems are real small when compared to the size of the Universe. However, people live in their own bubbles, which are much smaller, therefore, their problems are bigger. They do not affect the stars, but they affect THEM.

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    1. You’re absolutely right that we live in our own (smaller) bubbles so, relative to that space, our problems appear bigger. I know mine certainly do.

      And, when I can create space between the “problem” in front of me and my response to it, I’m realizing the problems start to fade away. I’ve become more committed to trying to create space between things I perceive as problems (usually indicated by a physical reaction) and how I choose to respond to them. I’m not always successful; I’m more successful with the small problems than the big ones, but I figure…I’ve got to start somewhere!

      As always, thanks for reading and commenting!

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      1. Distancing yourself from the problems, detaching emotionally is a great way to deal with problems. I know it works for me. It’s not 100% possible in every situation, but making a conscious effort is better than nothing. And you do learn to be better at it along the way.

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