Road Intersection Lesson #2

Pixabay: Alexas_Fotos / 19628 images CC0 Creative Commons

Have you ever thought you’d squeezed every morsel of learning out of some lesson, only to have it say, wait! there’s more!

My Road Rage story was like that. I dubbed the location where I learned to reduce my road rage, mindfulness intersection. After blogging about it I thought, ok, that intersection is dry; I’ve learned all there is.

But life continued. And I realized so much depends on perspective. When I first wrote about taming my road rage, I wrote about it from my perspective: the one pissed off that another car cut in front of me.

My second lesson had me being the cutter.

Not that I viewed what I was doing as cutting. Based on the traffic flow, stop light, and road layout, merging into moving traffic made perfect sense. Yes, I was turning right on a red light, but there was plenty of space for me to pull out. Plus, my lane had a separate turn lane for going right; it invited me to merge into the flowing traffic.

And yet, this time I saw the intersection with fresh eyes. I realized it was nearly identical to my mindfulness intersection, only in this version, I was the one being the a-hole and pulling out from a red-lighted stop position into moving traffic; I was the one cutting in front of other cars.

I was doing the exact same thing that had ticked me off when it was “being done to” me.  I saw myself as the other.

No one raised a finger or shouted at me. But in a split second, I saw this familiar scene from an entirely new vantage point. I started laughing, and thought, “wow, this time I’m the f’ing jerk in this story.”


Postscript: There will be at least a third post about another lesson I’ve learned from my mindfulness intersection. Every time I think I’ve learned all there is from that spot, some new perspective is presented. So, I’ve stopped assuming any lesson is the last lesson. Because, as I’m learning, there are a multitude of perspectives out there.

Photo source: Alexas_Fotos on Pixabay


5 thoughts on “Road Intersection Lesson #2

  1. I can totally relate.
    I used to get upset about people cutting in front of me. Now I only get upset (and for just a moment) if they do so and put me in potential danger (breaking hard). Now, I understand, because I do the cutting a lot. People seem to be inefficient drivers, so I take matters into my own hands.

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    1. I’m really learning to understand that more and more. The meditation program I started 4-years ago (the Headspace app) is helping me with perspective, mindfulness and being awake a wee bit more than I used to be!

      It was also a factor behind my starting this blog, so bonus benefits!

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