Mentor Cat

ggirl144 on Pixabay CC0 Creative Commons

“Note the thoughts. Note the feelings. Let them go. Don’t chase after them; don’t resist them.”

“Note the thoughts.” It’s a fundamental lesson of my meditation program. It resonates. It’s helping me be less attached to thoughts and feelings. Not all of the time, but I’m discovering, with greater frequency, a wee bit of space between thoughts and how I act upon them. In that space I’m finding greater clarity and calm. And less judgment. Which, given how active the internal Judge has been in my life, is something I celebrate.

I’m getting it, slowly. Bubba and I have a joke that it takes 19 times of hearing something before we “get it.”  I’m still in single digits on this.

Recently I got lucky and got to watch an element of this meditation idea in action. The “don’t chase” concept was demonstrated by that great spiritual teacher: our cat.

Tango’s bed is a throne in the front window. Well, it’s really a long table covered with blankets, but it sits at window-sill height, directly in front of a plate-glass window.

Cosmos-cvc-Sept 2018On the other side of the window is a flower bed, filled with pink cosmos flowers.  Yellow finches come every morning to feed on the flower seeds. The flit; they hop; they bounce; they land and devour seeds.  It’s a lively dance of the birds.

All within four feet of our cat.

This is a daily occurrence. The birds know they’re safe. Tango knows he can’t catch the birds.kirkpatrickting on Pixabay CC0 Creative Commons

The other day, with birds bouncing around, I watched Tango on his throne. He was completely relaxed, calmly watching the birds. His head moved slightly, but there was no flexing of muscles, no preparation to pounce. He simply…watched them.

As if they were thoughts.

It was an “ah-ha” moment. I realized Tango was demonstrating what the meditation teacher has been saying: observe the thoughts.

Thoughts—like birds—will come and go. It isn’t about making anything go away; it’s simply about not chasing after them.


4 thoughts on “Mentor Cat

    1. I wasn’t ever able to meditate successfully until I started using a meditation app called Headspace. The co-founder is a former monk, originally from England (I enjoy his accent) and his approach works for me. I love it. In the meantime, there’s the cat-and-bird technique!


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