Cloud-Like Comfort

56_Cloud Comfort1I was doing dishes, half-listening to an advertisement about mattresses, going along with their cloud-like comfort sales-pitch, mindlessly thinking clouds, yeah, big, white, billowy, comfy clouds. Images of fluffiness and cushiony-delight. Great for sleep. Great mattress.  Sure.  I’m sold.

And then…

My “what-the-‘eff” light-bulb clicked on.

Really? A cloud for a mattress?

If you attempted to actually sleep on a cloud—to plant your generous-ass on a bed of clouds—and it miraculously held you up, you’d be sleeping on one of the lumpiest things around.

But since clouds are nothing but water vapor, you’d more realistically end up smashed on the ground. Because that damn cloud, while it might look all thick and puffy, has got no support.

Cloud-like comfort. Really.

How quickly I can fall into a gullible fog, inattentive to what’s actually going on around me.

But, truth-be-told, I suspect that inattentiveness is more the norm than the exception.


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