Fun Q&A Grammar Blog

Writing Resources2-BlogI love finding writing and publishing resources that are new to me. Rather than just bookmark them, I decided to add them to my blog. It’ll help me and, just maybe, prove useful to others.

I plan to do individual posts on stuff as I find it.  If, over time, I end up with a bunch of great resources, I’ll consolidate them into a single page or post. If you have any “go to” resources you want to share, feel free to note them in the Comments. I know there’s a lot of great stuff out there to discover. So any signposts others can show me are welcome.

Grammar Blog

The Grammarphobia Blog – “Grammar, etymology, usage, and more, brought to you by Patricia T. O’Conner and Stewart Kellerman.”  Their blog archives go back to August 2006 so there’s a lot of information there. They post a question on a particular grammar issue and then cleanly serve up their research and knowledge, including their sources. Excellent historical foundation provided and the examples do a great job illustrating their answer. The posts are detailed enough to instruct, but concise enough to not overwhelm. Perfect blend!

The particular post I first saw was this 2012 one on “quash” vs. “squash.”  If you’ve ever wondered how and when to use these, this is your spot.

Here’s a taste of some other questions tossed at them:

It’s fun to pick a month, click through, and just see what pops up! Random-grammarian playtime; for language nerds.


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