Quotes can inspire.

Bubba-quotes can entertain or…just leave me scratching my head.

Time to serve up a few. They’re perfect tidbits…when I got nothin’.

“It wasn’t the least I could do, but it was close.”

“I haven’t tried, but not for lack of effort.”

“I’m a man of few words, and fewer actions.”


13 thoughts on “Bubba-Quotes

    1. I get that….

      The good news is, the man behind the quotes is a good man…with a playful delight in words and word play.

      When he started blurting these out I thought they were so funny–and Yogi Berra-like, as one person noted–that I started writing them down. Posting these three together do make him sound kind of, ummm, like a jerk.


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