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Z_50 Posts-

When I started this blog on March 2nd, I wasn’t sure what I’d write about. Or how often I’d write. I knew I wanted structure and I hoped setting up a blog would give me that. When I decided to do it, it was a pretty spontaneous idea.

I had done a blog a year ago–Pursuing Podcasts–for a class. My engagement faded when the class ended. But the class got me started and I learned rudimentary blogging skills. I had used the Lovecraft theme on the free WordPress platform for the class. Since I was familiar—although rusty—with it, I stuck with that rather than pick a new one. One less hurdle to slow me down.

As to a name for my blog, I wanted something different and memorable. I also didn’t want picking a blog name to sidetrack me from actually writing. So I used something I had jotted down previously that stood out from the rest of the names I had considered.

Yes, “A Musing Mind” did tempt me. If no one has grabbed it yet, it was still available on March 2nd.

Walk the Goats as a blog name is catchy, memorable and…vague.

It didn’t tell people what the blog was about. Given I wasn’t entirely sure myself when I started, what could I expect?!?

I played around with subtitles and a sidebar widget to flesh things out. Explaining “characters” and “personas” as a topic idea? Turns out it’s kinda hard.

Even with my explanations, I’ve had at least one person land on my page whose blog was about, yes, actual goats.  Surprise!

Today I’m patting myself on the back for doing 50 posts. The WordPress announcement felt like an Award, so I’m treating it like one. Having the structure is good. I’m getting better at editing. I’m finding my voice. I’m having fun putting stuff out there.

I still haven’t solidly found a way to describe the focus of my blog. Which is ok. It’s a journey; a one-post-at-a-time journey.

And it’s great reading things by other bloggers. It’s like traveling, without having to pack a suitcase.

For those 48 followers who’ve signed up to follow me since I started and offer encouragement and support, thank you. And for those who show up occasionally, by accident or on purpose, thanks for being here.

I don’t post for the stats. But the stats do provide some sweet, additional encouragement.  All enhanced by you.


22 thoughts on “50 Posts!

  1. I don’t have “a niche” and I think unless you’re trying to be a theme blogger (which you’d know!!) – that’s okay! I like writing about a whole lot of different stuff and I like that you do too 😊
    Great job so far!

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    1. Thanks for the encouraging word. I’m gonna check out your post in detail later (nice outside; need to get out; now). My quick glance impressed me; looks like there’s lots there so you’ve been busy since March.

      It’s nice to meet others walking that same learning-something-new path who is at about the same learning point. Familiar perspective. When I’ve done that before (learning how to dance), my closest friends ended up being in the same classes with me. We all learned about our “other left foot” together! 🙂

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  2. Congratulations! Thst is an impressive achievement in two or nearly three months 🙂 I still have a fair way to go until I reach that milestone myself…i have heaps of ideas, but sadly never enough time to write. Oh well. Enjoy your celebration!

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    1. I’ve been surprised how long it can take to write one blog post. Really surprised. I’m trying to find a rhythm and routine that feels achievable.

      These first two months have partially been to try and establish a habit and to lay down a foundation of enough posts to make me take this gig “seriously.” That’s just me, having some understanding of what makes me tick.

      Or, at least, of ONE of my character-personas!

      Thanks for your kudos. Nice to get.

      And kudos for your writing. I’m going to read more later.


      1. One of the bloggers I follow was camping this past weekend. And blogging. I commented that I thought one of the reasons folks go camping is to get away from the technology-devices that entice us. She laughed.

        Sometimes I go to the coast with my chair, my journal and a pen. It’s a different mental exercise writing that way.

        Welcome back 🙂


  3. CongratZ! I wish you many more.
    And I have to say that I am glad you decided to pick this name. It sparks curiosity. And personally, I am sick and tired of the word “musing(s)” in the blog’s name and even post categories. Everyone and their mother uses it.

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    1. A year ago I wrote down 50 different possible titles. I checked availability on a bunch of them. And then I did nothing.

      When I went back to that list in March and read through I just about gagged on most of them.

      Except Walk the Goats. That stood up to the passage of time.

      Thanks for the thumbs up.

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