Personas & Voices: Pearls & Grit

 Header-HomeI’m linking to blogs where I catch language that captures the idea of “characters.” Sometimes it’s “personas.” Other times it’s “voices” in our heads. As I write about the idea of characters, I’m realizing how common this concept is in writings and conversations.

Today it’s from Pearls and Grit, a blog by a woman who loves “learning how to take personal struggles and crafting our best selves out of those struggles and changes.”

This post was titled, “Is Your Inner Voice Sabotaging Your Confidence?” It was in this segment where she writes about our “inner voice.”

“Which brings up the inner voice that we all have. Our inner voices all have personalities too. Most often, our inner voices are not very kind. In fact, they can be downright mean. That inner voice, allowed to run unchecked, can be one of our most toxic relationships. To make positive change towards true confidence, we must build kinder, healthier inner voices. “  ~Pearls and Grit



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