Personas & Voices: Clutter Busting

 Header-HomeAs I write about my internal characters that appear throughout a day, I’ve started noticing the frequency with which people write about “personas,” or the “voices” in their heads, or other language that connotes an idea similar to characters

It’s like when you learn a new word; suddenly it pops up in every article and book and billboard.

I decided to start linking to blogs where I catch such language being used, to illustrate how prevalent it is. Plus, it’s a great way to share connections with other bloggers.

Today it’s from Brooks Palmer’s blog. Brooks helps people move forward by helping them let go of what’s no longer serving them.  Using workshops, webinars and in-person training, Brooks helps folks unclutter their lives, literally and figuratively.

Brooks’ current post is about a passage in life many of us have faced or will face: a parent dying. This is the gentle and aware description Brooks shared of his dad:

“For most of his life he was strong-willed. He would get impatient if things weren’t a particular way. But now that persona is falling away.”  ~Brooks Palmer

Love, grace and peace to Brooks and his family.


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