Decapitated Heads

17_Seb Car-2On our walk tonight, Bubba and I were strolling past the Leland Street Country club when we came upon one of our town’s mobile art installations: a car parked on the shoulder.

Bubba and I glanced at it as we walked by.

“I don’t think my mother would approve of that,” Bubba said. “I’m not sure I approve of it either.”

Bubba’s mother, a woman of Catholic faith who attended Mass daily while she lived and who believed the Catholic way was the way, was 1950’s white, middle-class proper. The Last Supper was probably ok; weird car art…not so much.

“Plus,” he continued, “it’s kind of creepy.”

I understood. The art-car is…disturbing.

“Then again, I’ve paid to go to Burning Man to see car-art,” he noted, his way of appreciating the presence of public art on the streets of our small town.

“Whaddya know,” I commented. “Several characters just offered their opinions on this art. One disapproved. One judged it creepy. One appreciated it.”

“Let’s take some pictures and I’ll blog about it.”

17_Seb Car

When we got home I looked at the pictures and thought, “how perfect for a post about various characters to be triggered by imagery—an art-car dominated by various decapitated heads—that captures the very idea of multiple characters.”

17_Seb Car-3



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