Mindfulness Money

8_mindfulness.jpgA little over a year ago, I decided to pick up coins whenever I found them. Quarters, nickels, dimes and—yes—even pennies. I wanted to practice mindfulness and planned to use the coins as reminders of the moment. In the process of doing this, I discovered five benefits:

1. Mindfulness Wake Up

Every time I saw a coin, it was a reminder to “wake up;” an invitation to mindfulness. I would stop, breathe, look at the sky, appreciate the moment. Rather than being seen as “just coins,” they became tokens of something bigger.

2. A Reminder of the Divine

U.S. coins include the stamp “In God We Trust.” People hold the idea of God in different ways. For me, the phrase reminds me that Spirit is ever-present. As the Bhagavad Gita says, “seeing all life as my manifestation, they are never separated from me.” Pausing as I picked up coins, I would think of that phrase, and use it to reconnect to that great majesty.

3. Small Actions Add Up

Over the course of a year, I’ve been surprised how many coins I’ve found, including coins from other countries. When I’d spot a coin, there would often be others nearby. Pennies are dropped with wild abandon. As of today, 54 weeks after I started, I’ve picked up 102 coins totaling $4.20. That’s 102 mindful moments I wouldn’t have had otherwise. And a bunch of squats (bonus!).

For those interested, here’s the coin mix:
5 Quarters
19 Dimes
9 Nickels
60 Pennies
9 Foreign

4. Surprises

My goal was to be more mindful of my surroundings; more mindful of the actual moment that was “now.” Honing in on coins was an easy tool. But by simply being more mindful, I was rewarded one day with a $20 bill. After waiting a bit to see if anyone showed up looking for it, I passed it forward.  It reminded me of how life can surprise us in unexpected ways when we’re present to it.

5. Frugal Reward

There’s a frugal character in me that delights in deals and bargains. The fact that I found enough money to get a free ice cream cone or coffee (with lots of sugar and cream) was an unexpected bonus. I’m very mindful of that 😊.


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